The Moore Missionary Orthodox family from USA arrives in Mongolia (+Video)




The Moore family (Chris, Jen, and their son Andrew) arrived safe in Ulaan Baatar last week to begin their long-term missionary service in Mongolia. Please pray for them as they offer themselves and teachers and evangelists in country the has only one Orthodox church.

The Moore Missionary Orthodox family

from USA arrives in Mongolia




Thank you so much for your prayers! We’ve arrived safely in Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia. We are doing well and adjusting to the 12-hour time change. Our 2-room apartment is lovely and came furnished. The past couple of days we’ve been purchasing kitchen items and a few appliances. It’s been good to get out into the city for these excursions and for some general exploring. The mornings and evenings can be chilly (around freezing), but the sun comes out in the day and warms up to the 50’s, which is really nice. The apartment stays very warm. We have so much to be grateful for!

Yesterday we had our first opportunity to celebrate the Divine Liturgy service at Holy Trinity Orthodox Church. It was great to worship our God with our brothers and sisters and a pleasure to make some new acquaintances in the church after the service. Our son Andrew tends to draw a lot of attention from Russians and Mongolians alike!

We were also able to touch base with the Mongolian International University and High School administration and teachers on Friday. It was good to put some faces with names that we’d been in contact with through e-mail. There will even be opportunities for us to study Mongolian at the Language Institute attached to MIU before our work begins there in February.

Please pray for opportunities to get better acquainted with church members and co-workers and to meet neighbors!

-Chris, Jen, and Andrew

Facebook of Chris & Jen Moore


As of October 2014 we are now in Mongolia full time, serving our first two-year term. We are currently taking Mongolian classes and will begin teaching English in the spring semester. We are worshiping at Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in Ulaanbaatar and are just beginning to become acquainted with the city. We appreciate your continued prayers as we strive to learn the language, live the culture, and love those we meet.

-Chris, Jen, and Andrew


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