My Journey Through Lutheranism and Calvary Chapel to Orthodoxy – Patrick Keenan, North Dakota, USA



My Journey Through Lutheranism and Calvary Chapel to Orthodoxy

by Patrick Keenan, North Dakota, USA



My parents brought me to Our Redeemer’s Lutheran Church for Baptism as an infant. Somehow, someway a grace entered my life that has resided as long as I can remember. The quest as to who He is and how I should know him has been a lifelong pursuit.

It was an evening in 1966. Our modest North Dakota apartment housed my Mother, Father and myself. Dad was at the family Drive-In. Mom and I decided to watch NBC’s Saturday Night at the Movies. It was a Rock Hudson Movie called ‘The Spiral Road’. Rock’s character was an Atheist Doctor in a south pacific Island who had fallen in love with a Christian nurse. She asked Rock why he didn’t believe in God, to which he replied something like:

‘because at one point I challenged God to show himself to me. I told God ‘If you are there- strike me down!’ He did nothing and that is why I do not believe.’

Well the next day, of course, was Sunday morning. Our Redeemer’s was a large Church with a huge wooden cross hanging on a rock wall behind the pulpit. As I recall, the Continue reading “My Journey Through Lutheranism and Calvary Chapel to Orthodoxy – Patrick Keenan, North Dakota, USA”


Michael Witcoff, ΗΠΑ: 3 λόγοι που με έκαναν να ενταχθώ στην Ανατολική Ορθόδοξη Εκκλησία


Michael Witcoff, ΗΠΑ:  

3 λόγοι που με έκαναν να ενταχθώ στην Ανατολική Ορθόδοξη Εκκλησία

Ο Αμερικάνος Michael Witcoff είναι Χριστιανός, πτυχιούχος Ψυχολογίας, copywriter, συγγραφέας και σύμβουλος μάρκετινγκ. Πιστεύει ότι η Δύση βιώνει την θεία οργή επειδή όλοι μας στρέψαμε την πλάτη μας στο Θεό και ότι η μόνη ελπίδα για σωτηρία είναι να ενωθούμε κάτω από ένα πιστό έμβλημα, όπως οι εχθροί μας έχουν ενωθεί κάτω από τα δικά τους.

* * *

Φίλοι και αδέλφια, μετά από αρκετό καιρό από την τελευταία φορά που έγραψα, αποφάσισα να ξαναγράψω στο Return Of Kings. Το θέμα μου είναι η Ανατολική Ορθόδοξη Εκκλησία, κάτι για το οποίο ούτε καν είχα ακούσει από τότε που δημοσιεύθηκε το τελευταίο μου άρθρο εδώ. Αλλά από τότε το έψαξα πολύ και πρόσφατα αποφάσισα να αφήσω πίσω μου την Γουεσλεϊανική* ζωή μου και να γίνω πλήρες μέλος της Ορθόδοξης Εκκλησίας. Θα θελα να μοιραστώ μαζί σας τους τρεις βασικότερους λόγους που με έκαναν να το πράξω.

1. Είναι η εκκλησία που ίδρυσε ο Χριστός

Κατά τη διάρκεια της ζωής μου ως Προτεστάντης, ποτέ δεν μου φάνηκε ότι υπήρξε μια χριστιανική ομολογία που η αφετηρία της έφθανε πίσω μέχρι την εποχή των αποστόλων.

Μόλις συνειδητοποίησα ότι υπήρχε μια αδιάσπαστη αλυσίδα παράδοσης που φτάνει πίσω σχεδόν 2.000 χρόνια, άρχισα να θέτω ένα εντελώς νέο είδος ερώτησης. Τι δίδασκαν; Πώς λάτρευαν; Τι πίστευαν; Πώς αυτά μεταδόθηκαν μέσα από τους αιώνες;

Πάντα πίστευα πως, ό, τι κι αν προσπαθείς να κάνεις στη ζωή, είναι συνήθως καλύτερο να πηγαίνεις κατευθείαν στις πρώτες πηγές παρά να τηρείς νεότερες ερμηνείες. Είναι εξίσου αληθινό με τον Χριστιανισμό, όπως είναι και με το Continue reading “Michael Witcoff, ΗΠΑ: 3 λόγοι που με έκαναν να ενταχθώ στην Ανατολική Ορθόδοξη Εκκλησία”

The conversion of a fanatical Jew woman who wanted to kill Elder Ephraim of Arizona, USA




The conversion of a fanatical Jew woman

who wanted to kill Elder Ephraim of Arizona, USA

Everyone knows the high spiritual status of Elder Ephraim of Arizona, USA. A fanatical Jew woman wanted to do evil to the Elder years ago. So, dressed as a pious Christian with long clothes and headcovering, she went to see the Elder. His subordinates told her she could not see him and tried other days. After days we allowed her to see him. She had hidden a knife in her clothes to kill him, and she was suddenly surprised when she saw him standing upright and cried Elder! She saw him flying in the air at a poached stand! She tells her, drop the knife and I’ll come down to talk. The monastery guards came in and disarmed her. Finally the woman repented and believed and was baptized. The Holiness of the Elder appeared once again.


Spiritual Trips in Holy Mountain and Holy Land

OCA – Find an Orthodox Parish in USA, Canada & Mexico



OCA – Find an Orthodox Parish in USA, Canada & Mexico

The parish is a local community of the Church having at its head a duly appointed priest and consisting of Orthodox Christians who live in accordance with the teachings of the Orthodox Church, comply with the discipline and rules of the Church, and regularly support their parish. Being subordinate to the Diocesan Authority, it is a component part of the Diocese.

About Yoga – Journey to Orthodoxy


Free Falling by Dana McMullen's Imageroom.jpg

About Yoga

Journey to Orthodoxy

From General Hospital to the Hospital of Souls:  Interview with Jonathan Jackson, USA


From General Hospital to the Hospital of Souls: 

Interview with Jonathan Jackson



Four-time Emmy award-winner Jonathan Jackson, star of General Hospital and Tuck Everlasting, talks with Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick about his journey into Orthodox Christianity, his family, how he lives his faith as a Hollywood actor, music and writing, on this special episode of Roads From Emmaus.

Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick: This is Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick, and this is kind of a different episode of Roads From Emmaus. You’re used to hearing me talk in front of a microphone to a bunch of people listening in at a lecture, but today actually we’re doing a conversation. I’m doing an interview with someone. Why would I do that? The reason is that I’m very dedicated to questions of communion and place and what is local and what is connected directly. So once I had heard that my guest for today was out on the East Coast, we worked out a way to connect in person. We’re currently sitting in the parking lot of Newark Liberty International Airport, where he is getting ready to get on his plane to head back to the West Coast.

My guest today is Mr. Jonathan Jackson, who is an actor and a musician perhaps best known for his guest role as Lucky Spencer on General Hospital, which has played for the last couple of years—well, they think you’re taking a break now—but also you’re in a film, Tuck Everlasting, from about ten years ago. He’s won four Emmys, and he also had a recurring role on the Fox series The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which is a spin-off from the Terminator movies, and he has his own band, which is called Enation, and that is why he was here on the East Coast.

Why, you may ask, am I interviewing a man who is a soap opera star? Well, the reason is that right now, he and his family are catechumens in the Orthodox Church. So, thank you very much for meeting with me. I am very honored to be with you, truly.

Mr. Jonathan Jackson: Thank you, Father. I am honored as well. I appreciate it. Glad to be here.

Fr. Andrew: My first question is: how did you get here? What is your religious background?

Mr. Jackson: Both of my parents were raised Seventh-Day Adventists, about probably four generations on each side, Seventh-Day Adventists. So I grew up with that as part of my Christian upbringing until probably about the age of nine or ten. My parents started moving away from that particular denomination. And we moved to Los Angeles when I was ten, just turning 11, started working as an actor pretty quickly. I started on General Hospital when I was 11, so I started really…

Fr. Andrew: Right, and just for those of my listeners who are a little bit older, you may remember from the late 1970s and the early ‘80s, the super-couple Luke and Laura on General Hospital, and Jonathan played their son, Lucky. So that puts you within the soap opera pantheon.

Mr. Jackson: When I moved to L.A., we didn’t have a church that we went to at all. And my brother and I, Richard Lee Jackson—he’s an actor, and he’s in Continue reading “From General Hospital to the Hospital of Souls:  Interview with Jonathan Jackson, USA”

De qué manera podemos nosotros honrar a nuestros difuntos cercanos – San Juan Maximovich, EE.UU (+1966)


De qué manera podemos nosotros honrar a nuestros difuntos cercanos

San Juan Maximovich, EE.UU (+1966)

Fuente: – Aquí


Vemos a menudo la tendencia que tienen los familiares de la persona fallecida, al incurrir en erogaciones para que el sepulcro y el sepelio sean lo más lujosos posible. Por lo general, el mayor gasto se efectúa en la realización de suntuosas lápidas.

Mucho dinero desembolsan los familiares y los amigos en plantas y flores, que además deben retirarse del ataúd antes de cerrarlo, para que ello no intensifique la descomposición del cuerpo.

Algunos quieren a través de la litografía manifestar su respeto al difunto y la condolencia a sus familiares. Este método revela a veces superficialidad de sentimientos y engaño, ya que realmente la persona que sufre no va a publicar su sufrimiento. La condolencia se puede demostrar personalmente de una manera mucho más cálida.

Pero sea lo que fuere que hagamos, de lo mencionado más arriba, el difunto no va a recibir ningún beneficio.

Al cuerpo muerto le es lo mismo estar bajo una pobre o una suntuosa lápida, estar en un pobre o en un lujoso féretro, él no va a sentir la fragancia de las flores, y no necesita las demostraciones de dolor fingidas. El cuerpo se somete a la descomposición, el alma vive, pero no percibe más las sensaciones que apreciaban antes sus órganos corporales.

Si realmente queremos al difunto, y verdaderamente queremos ofrecerle nuestras dádivas, entonces debemos darle lo que el necesita. Antes que nada, entregarle nuestras sinceras oraciones personales hogareñas al Señor, las oraciones a través de los oficios del Responso en la Iglesia, y muy en especial la conmemoración del difunto en la Divina Liturgia.

Otro beneficio muy importante que podemos brindarle al alma — es la realización de dádivas o donaciones. Alimentar al hambriento en nombre del difunto, ayudar al indigente, es lo mismo que hacerlo con el.

Santa Atanasia, cuya festividad se conmemora el 12 de abril, antes de fallecer, encomendó que se les diera de comer a los indigentes en su memoria durante 40 días, sin embargo las monjas del convento lo cumplieron solo durante 9 días.

Por lo cual la santa se les apareció junto a dos ángeles y les dijo “¿Porque Uds. se olvidaron de mi legado? Sepan que las donaciones y las oraciones de los sacerdotes, dadas en nombre del difunto durante 40 días atraen la misericordia de Dios”: si el alma del difunto fue pecadora, el Señor les da el perdón de los pecados, y si es que ella fue justa, entonces las personas que rezan por ella van a ser recompensadas con beneficios”

En particular, en estos días difíciles para todos, es una locura gastar dinero inútilmente para adquirir elementos superfluos, cuando, al aplicarlos en la asistencia a los indigentes, se pueden realizar dos buenas obras, una para el difunto, y otra para el necesitado.

Si se le da alimento a un necesitado, con oración en memoria del difunto, el necesitado se va a satisfacer corporalmente, y el difunto va a quedar satisfecho espiritualmente.